Scientists Had a #CuteOff Competition on Twitter to Crown the Cutest Animal on Earth

Is there anything better than pictures of adorable animals? The creature-loving scientists, zoos, and aquariums on Twitter definitely don't think so. This week, a variety of animal experts and organizations decided to demonstrate just how passionate they are about the other species that call Earth home–the super cute ones, in particular.

In a social media battle known as the #CuteOff, animal lovers everywhere shared photos of the most adorable critters for this fun competition. They even started their own teams with hashtags like #TeamHerpetology and #TeamEntomology. Even though there was never a clear winner crowned, this competition turned Twitter into a sea of cute animal images, which makes us all the winners. We've collected some of our favorites and can't help but agree with every single entry–these are some really cute animals!

Above: Clouded Leopard. Photo source: Jake Belair

Common Murre Chick. Photo source: Annie Schmidt

Baby Chimp. Photo source: Jill Pruetz

“I interrupt your important grant writing session to win the #CuteOff. #TeamHerpetology” –Katy Greenwald

“Pretty sure this Litoria fallax metamorph is a contender in the #CuteOff” –Lee Harrison

Chesapeake Bay Cownose Rays. Photo source: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Snuggling Salmon Babies. Photo source: Natalie Sopinka

Dunnart. Photo source: John Pickrell

Nudibranch. Photo source: Milana Featherbottom

“It's hard to beat small fluffed up birds in a #cuteoff.” –Australian Bird Study Association

Baby Tasmanian Devil. Photo source: Bronwyn Fancourt

“Baby ring-necked snake! #CuteOff #TeamHerpetology” –Sara Ruane

“So it's a #CuteOff, then? Just try to top Africa's “Teddy Bear Ant”. #TeamEntomology” –Alex Wild

Lowland Streaked Tenrec. Photo source: Asia Murphy

“Every creature is special & cute…but not as cute as a dwarf leaf #chameleon! #CuteOff #TeamHerpetology #Madagascar”–Jonathan Kolby

“Baby skate smiles for the #CuteOff!” –SC Aquarium

“Here's a #cutie #coffinfish from the Southeast Atlantic Ocean. #cuteoff ” –Shark University

Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Photo source: Wildlife Conservation Society

“This #CuteOff needs moar inverts: The #SQUEEE is strong in this freshly-hatched little #cuttlefish, Sepiola atlantica” –Carina M. Gsottbauer

Baby Sailfish. Photo source: Nathan B. Furey

“A #CuteOff, you say? Here is an eastern red-backed salamander from a herp survey. *drops tiny mic, scuttles off*” –Rosemary Mosco

“Blue marlins are pretty cute when they're little!” –Milton Tan

“Sorry we're late to the #CuteOff. Our hands were tied feeding these three…” –The Nature Conservancy

via [The Huffington Post]

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