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Creating Chalk Art With Bikes and Scooters

With summer fast-approaching and the temperatures continuing to rise, we're all excited to go out more and enjoy some fresh air. Even more so, it seems most significant for children with their break from school to soak in some natural sunlight, instead of having their faces artificially lit by their computer screens. Kids innately love to play and designer Scott Baumann has invented one of the best outdoor toys we've seen to keep kids active while creatively having fun called Chalktrail.

Chalktrail is a simple device that attaches to any bike or scooter, allowing it to drag a thick piece of chalk behind it. Ultimately, riding leads to art! The installation and placement appears to be incredibly simple and convenient without interrupting the flow of a child's ride. In an effort to fund the project and make it available for mass purchase, Baumann started a KickStarter campaign to raise $37,000. With only 3 days left to go, there is still 80% of the required amount needed to be raised. Be sure to check out Chalktrail's page and its accompanying video to understand what a fantastic product this is for children.

Chalktrail website
Chalktrail on KickStarter
via [Like Cool]

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