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Renovated House Has the World’s Largest Pivoting Windows

This Antwerp home has a pair of glass doors recognized as “the world’s largest pivoting window.” The two-story twin glazings, designed by Belgian studio Sculp IT, are impressive pieces of architectural design–in size, weight, and sleekness. Together, they clock in at nearly four tons and are 20 feet tall, opening out towards the garden of the renovated house. This entrance also doubles as a rear wall of the new extension and connects a kitchen and dining room with the garden outside.

The goal of the doors/windows was to provide natural light and beautiful views to all three levels of the building, known as LALO. Their custom size was fitted with insulated glass and specifically engineered to pivot rather than hinge.

The project went beyond just door renovations, though, and included a new polished-concrete ground floor that extends to the terrace, uniting inside and outside. Additionally, the studio included an island placed on casters in the center of the kitchen and dining area, allowing it to easily be moved into the garden. “We didn’t do a lot; but what we did has giant repercussions to the way of living in that house,” the studio explained to Dezeen. It has been made into a social, open space that, according to Sculp IT, makes it “the ideal barbecue house.”

Photography is by Luc Roymans

Sculp IT website
via [Dezeen]

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