Fascinating Fine Art Photos of the Hairless Cat

Whether you think they're beautiful or bizarre, it's safe to say that the Sphynx, a breed of hairless cats, is one of the most interesting-looking cats in the world. The roots of the breed can be traced back to only the early 1960s. Though sphynxes are known for their strange outwardly appearance, or what some describe as their buttery skin, you may be surprised to find out that their personalities are quite pleasant. Sphynxes are considered extroverts, displaying intense affection for their owners. They also have a high level of intelligence and are filled with curiosity.

Serena Hodson (aka Serenah), the photographer known for her adorable pet portraits (see here and here), has taken some fascinating photos of the Sphynx. She sums the breed up perfectly with this line, “I know these cats are confronting but I think they are also so intriguing.”

When asked why she decided to create a whole series about them, she told us this, “Sphynx cats have always fascinated me, there's something mysterious almost mythological about their appearance. It's like they come from another planet. I wanted to photograph them because they are so bizarre-looking, I wanted to show people their beauty.

“I honestly believe that if you look at any animal long enough and close enough you'll find them beautiful, eventually. Man-made things can be incredibly ugly, but Mother Nature knows what she's doing.

“I think some people are just turned off by their nakedness, but I love that they've got nothing to hide. And they really do have the most amazing personalities, they're very outgoing and ‘dog-like' which makes them wonderful to photograph.”

Serenah's website

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