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Inspired Teacher Constructs Russian Landmarks Using Origami

Can you believe that this meticulously detailed model of Saint Basil's Cathedral is made entirely out of paper? Russian school teacher Sergei Tarasov diligently set his efforts into cloning the architectural design staple of Moscow, using more than 10,000 sheets of A4 paper. For nearly a year, when the 42-year-old art teacher was not in the classroom, he spent most of his time mastering the art of origami and, one could assume, the beneficial skill of patience to produce the remarkable replica.

The architectural sculpture of the revered landmark stands at 1.5 meters high, incorporating 60,000 separate units of carefully assembled origami pieces. Each folding paper component is a like a piece of a giant three-dimensional puzzle that needs to be fit perfectly. In addition to this intricately formed sculptural representation, Tasarov has also recreated the Svyato-Spassky Cathedral in Munusinsk, taking six months to complete. Future projects for the artistically inspired teacher include modular origami constructions of the Kremlin and Moscow's Red Square.

via [Daily Mail, Gazeta]

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