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Sharing Experiences – I Am Korean American

Yesterday, I received a nice email asking me if I would like to be a part of this new website called I Am Korean American. Usually, when I receive an email like this I take one quick look and if it doesn’t grab me, I move on. I spent a good part of this morning, however, reading through this site. Though I’m supremely proud of my Korean background, it’s not that connection that drew me in. Rather, it was how creative and interesting these profiles were. Here’s one from 25 year old Bryan Lee that particularly piqued my interest: “Korean-Americans are fascinating. But so is everybody else. It’s hard not to put a label on every person you meet and that’s why the more I learn, the less I judge. I try to lay my criticisms aside. I’m not traveled nearly enough to know where I want to be in 10 years, 20 years, but I do know that road is long and winding. Random thoughts are my specialty, and there is no purpose in half the things I think or say. Fragments complete me. So do irony. Ha! I want to make a change in this world. I don’t want to live for myself. Or at least make a difference in the life of one person, just one. Tangents are fun – staying on track = missed opportunities. Give, give, give. My mother asked me to join a Dokdo (sp?) rally and I insisted my friend’s birthday party was more important. Felt shame afterwards. *Something here about Korean-Americans uniting* Lists are structured. I feel that my entry should be a list but I like the way things clutter. It’s chaotic and beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I’ll see you in my island bungalow many, many years from now. Everyone’s invited.” I’ll be submitting my profile soon and, if you’re Korean-American, I suggest you do the same. If you’re not Korean-American, I still encourage you to take a quick look at the site. Korean or not, it’s all about sharing experiences. http://iamkoreanamerican.com/

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