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Hi-Tech Sneakers Controlled by App Allows for Endless Design Customization

Customized sneakers may look great, but they’ll often set you back with how much they cost. The footwear startup ShiftWear wants to change this by reinventing the idea of personalized shoes. Fusing technology and fashion, their concept allows you to create your own designs and display them on the sides of your high tops. Better yet, you can change the image whenever you like, making the customization possibilities truly endless.

ShiftWear uses materials found in the Amazon Kindle to produce their innovative shoe. Specifically, its waterproof side panels are composed of flexible e-Paper (the same as the Kindle’s screen) that connects with a smartphone app. You simply choose the design and tell the app to apply your vision. The shoes display both color and animation, only drawing electronic power when the graphic changes. But don’t worry about plugging your shoes in–the embedded battery recharges when you walk, and e-Paper requires only a minimal amount of power to retain its image.

ShiftWear has taken to Indiegogo for help in funding their project and realizing their company’s goals. As one of the many perks of pledging to the campaign, those who back the shoes (with $150 or more) can snag their own pair of tailor-made sneakers.

ShiftWear: Website | Indiegogo | Facebook | DeviantArt
via [Fast Company]

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