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8 Print Artists That Will Inspire You to Try Silk Screen Printing at Home

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Clare Halifax

A post shared by clarehalifax (@clarehalifax) on

A post shared by clarehalifax (@clarehalifax) on

Having studied both printed textile design and printmaking, Clare Halifax‘s screen prints combine her interest in textiles with her highly detailed drawings of architectural landscapes around Britain. Her limited edition screen prints are often printed in just one or two colors, and illustrate the contrast between gray “concrete jungle[s],” and green, inner city parks and botanical gardens.


Charlie Barton

Raised by two architects, Charlie Barton has always been drawn to urban landscapes and architectural subject matters. His handmade silk screen printed posters capture the character and architecture of his hometown, Baltimore. You can buy his prints on Etsy.


Alice Pattullo

London-based illustrator Alice Pattullo produces quaint but vibrant screen prints that explore “British traditions, folklore and superstitions.” One blue and pink print illustrates the art of jam making with some sound advice: “Always make your preserves in the moon’s prime to make the most of your yield.”


Chuck Sperry

A post shared by Chuck Sperry (@yosquirt) on

A post shared by Chuck Sperry (@yosquirt) on

A post shared by Chuck Sperry (@yosquirt) on

Chuck Sperry creates an ongoing screen printed wood panel series of “contemporary-classical muses.” His use of lush oil-based inks in colorful patterned overlays result in magnificent flower-power portraits of women inspired by “the spirit of the modern rock poster, graffiti, and the utopian ethos of 1960’s psychedelia.”


Feeling inspired? Learn how you can screen print at home:

Screen Printing Equipment

The screen printing process requires a number of basic supplies, materials, and tools. Screens, glues, various types of inks, and squeegees are the simple materials required to create beautiful screen-printed images. Although it might sound technically overwhelming, you can easily find the various equipment online, as well as emulsion kits to help you transfer your images onto screens. There are even entire DIY kits with everything you’ll need to get started.

Screen Printing Artists

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