Enjoy This Heartfelt Interaction Between a Southwest Airlines Employee and Traveler

Southwest Airlines employee, Krista, praised by traveler Angie Batis for her kind customer service.

Screenshot: Angie Batis | TikTok

Small acts of kindness often make a big impact. Sometimes, all it takes is a friendly smile or holding the door for a stranger to really brighten one's day. An uplifting interaction between customer Angie Batis and a Southwest Airlines employee named Krista exemplifies the sentiment, ‘A little bit of kindness goes a long way.'

In a viral TikTok video, the traveler mentions to the airline employee that she has noticed her warmhearted approach to customer service. Batis observed the employee offering candy to children as she greeted people with a warm smile. In the short video, Batis and Krista share a meaningful moment of gratitude. Batis kindly asks, “Can I use your example for what it's like to be kind and happy in the morning?” The employee graciously accepts as both women grow teary-eyed. Krista is then commended for her cheerful morning spirit and recognized for her thoughtfulness, which oftentimes may be overlooked.

When asked by Batis why the airline representative leads with happiness she replied, “It feels good. And we've got great passengers, I have got a great job, and it's easier to laugh and smile than it is to cry—until this very moment.” This heartfelt interaction is an inspiration and a reminder of the power of positivity.

People on social media are responding to this story with an uproar of appreciation for Krista's compassion and joyful demeanor. On TikTok, Kellie Carmody Yanke commented on the video by stating:

“This is my BFF of 50+ years!She has always been the epitome of positivity and kindness no matter what is going on in her personal life. Thank you for sharing this made my week.”

Recognizing people for great things, big or small, makes a major difference. The airline representative went the extra mile to provide some comfort to those beginning their journey to another destination. Krista is acknowledged for her role at Southwest Airlines and, more importantly, appreciated for the heart that she pours into it.

Experience a heartfelt interaction between an airline employee and a traveler.


@angiebatis When I notice people going the extra mile in life, I like to acknowledge them because in today’s world we need to remember that there ARE good people. GREAT people like Krista @Southwest Airlines at PHX. THANK YOU!! #krista #southwest #goodpeople #excellentemployee #earlymorningsmiles #goingtheextramile #spreadsunshine #moreofthis ♬ original sound – Angie Batis

Angie Batis: TikTok 
h/t: [Upworthy]

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