Spectacular Shortlist: Sony’s World Photography Awards (15 photos)

Charge by Alex Bernasconi

The shortlist for Sony's 2011 World Photography Awards was recently announced and it includes some spectacular photography! What I love most about this competition is that it's meant to unveil stories seen and told by people from around the globe. Sony divided up the competition between professionals and photographers of all abilities (which they called the Open competition). With submissions flowing in from all over the world, Sony not only reached their highest number of entries since the awards were founded, they truly found some remarkable talent!

Of the Open competition, Joseph Jean Rolland Dub VP of Content Development at iStockPhoto said: “This is iStock's third year in reviewing these open entries. The competition is getting more fierce every year and the best images are the epitome of creativity and skill. Congrats to the World Photography Organization for compelling such amazing entries and let there be such a venue dedicated to raw talent for years to come.”

Today, we present to you some of our favorites in the shortlist for the Open competition. (We focused on 5 of the 10 categories.) The winners will be announced on April 27th. Can't wait!


Abyss by SPytel

Power of 100m by Modix

La Jolla Roughwater Swim by Lee_Sie

After Dark

Serra da Leba, Lubango, Angola by KODILU

Yee Peng by Chumlong Nilkon

Nature and Wildlife

Cheetah on a Log by Cedric

On a Lone Winter Morning by Kieran O'Connor

Sperbergeier by Tanja_Zech


Dreaming of a Perfect Shot by Pablo

Thirst by Eugene Reshetov

Homeless by Gary


My Kingdom by Dvlazar

Morning in Taiping Lake by WaiLeong

Going to Work by James Chong

World Photo's website

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