Guy in Quarantine Builds a Tiny Restaurant for the Squirrels in His Yard


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From a tiny art museum built for a pair of pet gerbils to an Instagram account dedicated to dogs working from home, pampering and documenting animals have clearly proven to be a welcome distraction from COVID-19 woes. That's why James Vreeland from Michigan has been using his time in quarantine to create a miniature restaurant for the squirrels in his yard.

Featuring tiny picnic-style tables, squirrel statues, and a mini coat rack made from wood, the Maison de Noix restaurant (or “The Nut House” in English) is the perfect hangout for squirrels. Vreeland posted his hand-built creation on Instagram with the caption, “Figured now was as good a time as any to get into the restaurant game.” While he probably won’t be receiving a Michelin star any time soon, he’s certainly created an impressive alfresco space that has become hugely popular among the neighborhood squirrels—and birds too!

Wondering what's on the menu? Customers can choose from a “mixed seed trio,” “stale bread/ pizza crust,” “raw peanuts,” or “counter softened apples.” Vreeland even printed out the simple-but-sophisticated menu and placed it at the front of the restaurant, so squirrels can have a preview before committing to a sit-down meal.

Maison de Noix is not only a big hit with garden critters, but the newly opened restaurant has created a neighborhood buzz among people, too. Vreeland reveals, “The response from humans has been pretty great with people stopping all the time to take a photo or watch the frenzy.” If you can't make it to Vreeland's front yard, you can still watch the squirrels enjoy daily meals via his Facebook live stream. Vreeland even posted a time-lapse video of “another successful lunch service” on Instagram, where a group of furry and feathered customers are captured enjoying some afternoon treats.

Take a look at Vreeland’s squirrel restaurant below and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

Bored in quarantine, James Vreeland built this miniature restaurant for the squirrels in his yard.


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Called Maison de Noix, the newly opened establishment is a big hit with garden critters.


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All images via James Vreeland.

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