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Mom Documents the Incredible Bond Between Her Son and His Two Giant Dogs

The relationship between a boy and his dog is a special one—as the tiny human grows up, he and his canine companion approach the world with the same sense of wonder. And with two dogs, the fun and excitement is doubled. Stasha Becker (aka @northwestmommy) proves this through her photos showing the incredible bonds between her son Julian and his sweet Newfoundlands, Max and Bruce.

When we last checked in with Becker and her crew, they were on the cusp of a great adventure. They have since traveled the United States on an unforgettable two-month-long road trip, seeing all the sights that the country has to offer, including: the busy New York City streets, the desolate Bonneville Salt Flats, and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. After the long drive, the family flew to Japan where they are currently living for the next few years.

Moving across the world is a daunting experience, but it’s made easier with Max and Bruce in tow. They continue to share in Julian’s joys as he gets to know the culture and explores the cities, picturesque countryside, and choppy waters of the ocean. Posing with his furry friends, the images are sweet reminders that with his gentle giants near, Julian will never be alone.

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via [Buzzfeed]

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