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Mother-to-Be Transforms Her Baby Bump into an Adorable R2-D2 Painting

Stefaney Giordano and her husband Tony are dedicated Star Wars fans, so they decided to turn Stefaney’s perfectly round baby bump into an adorable art project before she gave birth. Artist Nick Wolfe visited the couple’s kitchen to transform Stefaney’s belly into a painted version of R2-D2. He started by painting big, blue squares. Then, the artist filled the spaces between the squares with silver paint and added red and black accents. When the painting was completed, the Florida couple (that actually had a life-sized R2-D2 model in attendance at their wedding) posed for portraits in Star Wars-themed attire. They also visited friend and artist Daniel Deutsch at his office for photo ops with his realistic R2-D2 model. The couple named the ultimate fan masterpiece “R2Belly2.”

via [Neatorama]

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