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Dramatic Staircase Changes Its Appearance Based on Your Perspective

The Milan-based collective storage associati designed a staircase that’s both dramatic and fools your eyes at the same time. Installed in a private residence, the steps change their appearance based on your viewing perspective. They either present themselves as an open, transparent staircase or a closed space that looks like it’s a separate room.

Long, flattened metal strips appear as though they’re lowering from the ceiling. Each of them differs in height as some reach the floor while others stop short at various steps. The wider side of every bar is perpendicular with the staircase itself, meaning that light can travel between the individual pieces. Additionally, the person traversing the steps can have a peek of what’s downstairs and surrounding the staircase.

The clever use of materials has cultivated two different moods within the downstairs. You can see the creation as an airy, sculptural piece of architecture, or as a dark and mysterious space. Either way, storage associati has succeeded in making something as simple as a staircase a conversation piece for the home’s visitors.

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via [iGNANT]

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