Artist Stuart Semple Just Invented the World’s Blackest Black Ink Called ‘Blink’

Blink Blackest Black Ink by Stuart Semple

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If you follow art world drama, then it’s likely you’ll have heard about the battle over Vantablack—considered to be the blackest black pigment in existence. In response to British artist Anish Kapoor licensing exclusive rights to the color back in 2016, fellow British artist Stuart Semple retaliated by creating the “blackest and mattest acrylic paint on the planet,” the latest iteration being Black 3.0. Though the artist’s medium isn’t quite as black as Vantablack, it gets pretty close. And, even better, it’s available to all artists everywhere—except to Anish Kapoor, that is.

Since Black 3.0, Semple has continued his quest to create the most saturated and vibrant hues of each color in a variety of paints and “potions.” So far, he’s developed an assortment of hues ranging from the “Pinkest Pink” to the “Yellowest Yellow.” His latest invention—another quest for the blackest black—is Blink, the ultimate black ink. Like Semple’s black acrylic paint, Blink is the “blackest, mattest” ink, perfect for artists who work with pen and ink, calligraphy, or brush pens.

Blink was beta tested by over 1,000 artists before being officially brought to market. The potent ink is bleed-proof, waterproof, drip-proof, and (in Semple’s words) “stupidly black.” If you’d like to try out the ink for yourself, Blink is available on Semple’s Culture Hustle website for just $15.99 for a 30ml bottle.

Blink is the world's blackest and mattest ink!

Blink Blackest Black Ink by Stuart Semple

Blink Blackest Black Ink by Stuart Semple

Blink Blackest Black Ink by Stuart Semple

Blink Blackest Black Ink by Stuart Semple

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h/t: [Dezeen]

All images via Culture Hustle.

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