Artist Makes Color of Trademarked ‘Tiffany Blue’ Free to Use With His Own ‘TIFF’ Paint

Tiffany Blue Paint Color Tiff by Stuart Semple

British artist Stuart Semple is at it again, this time directing his guerrilla pigment liberating efforts towards a well-known shade of blue. With his newest paint color release, the artist has made widely available a substitute for the iconic trademarked hue known as Tiffany Blue. Calling his own version of the robin’s-egg blue tone Tiff, the artist managed to recreate a “stunning super flat matte high grade” look-alike that is now available to all artists and general color enthusiasts.

Tiffany Blue has been a registered color trademark of Tiffany and Company since 1998. And from the year 2001, it has been a custom color created exclusively for Tiffany by the well-known purveyor of paints, pigments, and hues Pantone. It has not been available for public use since that time. And no matter which medium the color is reproduced in, the shade is still subject to licensing. But no more, thanks to Semple.

“Tiffany Blue! It's ILLEGAL for you to paint with it,” the artist says in a Facebook post announcing his newest paint’s arrival. “It's trademarked in every category. That's why we had to set it free!”

Stuart Semple’s Tiff is available for purchase on the artist’s own art supply website Culture Hustle. But don’t expect to get your hands on it any time soon. The acrylic paint, which was available to purchase starting on Saturday, September 18; however, the classy blue hue had quickly sold out. Luckily, due to high demand, Tiff is now available to pre-order the next batch scheduled to ship on Friday, October 1, 2021.

You can keep up with Semple on Instagram or join his mailing list to stay up to date on Tiff‘s future availability.

Artist Stuart Semple just released a substitute for the trademarked color Tiffany Blue called Tiff.

Tiffany Blue Paint Color Tiff by Stuart Semple

Tiffany Blue Paint Color Tiff by Stuart Semple

Tiffany Blue has been a registered trademark of Tiffany and Co. since 1998, so Semple decided it was time to set it free.

Tiffany Blue Paint Color Tiff by Stuart Semple

Tiffany Blue Paint Color Tiff by Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Shop
h/t: [Boing Boing]

All images via Culture Hustle.

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