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Stuck in a Disproportional Wonderland

It looks like this guy went down the rabbit hole. Paris-born artist Jean-Franois Fourtou uses a mix of his childhood memories and inspiration from Alice in Wonderland to create a surreal series of his own entitled Mes Maisons (My Houses). The contemporary artist, who currently lives and works in Marrakech and Madrid, produces illusionary images that play with one's perception of scale.

Rather than using technology to do the optical trick, Fourtou chooses to create environments around his subjects that alter their size ratios. By creating extremely large or dollhouse-sized furniture, he gives the impression of distorted proportions. Some images visualize a giant in a tiny room, while other scenes depict a pint-sized man living amongst towering furniture. The subjects aren't doing anything extraordinary. In fact, Fourtou's works featuring mundane, everyday activities are enlivened by his effective technique of presenting uneven size relations.

Jean-Franois Fourtou's website
via [Neatorama]

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