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Big Red Hearts Fill a Glowing Tunnel of Love

For those of you who need a little love today, check out this awesome Tunnel of Love, created by Studio Vollaerszwart. This glowing light experience was created for a GLOW festival located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Using thousands of paper hearts, the studio lit the scene with black lights to create a soft, glowing environment filled with warm feelings of consuming happiness.

According to the Studio Vollaerszwart website, “The public space is the platform for their design activities which focuses on the interaction between architecture, the audience, the functionality, and ambiance of a space.” So, based on that platform, they transformed this long, narrow bike tunnel into a shining world of good feelings and big red hearts. Viewers can't help but feel a sense of joy at the idea of being consumed by an enchanting and lighthearted space filled with such positive energy.

Studio Vollaerszwart website
via [My Amp Goes to 11]

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