Supernatural Worlds Gorgeously Collide

Photographer Nathan Spotts has created a series that perfectly captures the beauty of this earth and the universe. Spotts describes his series by saying, “I've always been captivated by the beauty of our world, and often dream of the things that lay just beyond what we can see. I wanted to create images of scenes that are not-quite real, but that almost could be.”

The photographs are extraordinary. They combine the ethereal beauty of the galaxy with the man-made and natural beauty of our planet. While the landscape portion of the photographs are already breathtaking, by adding in celestial element, Spotts makes these photos appear otherworldly. Although these scenes are not fully real, they almost could be thanks to Spotts' incredible talent at photo manipulation.

We were so impressed with Spotts' work, we just had to get in contact with him. You can catch our interview with him, below.

Your images are absolutely stunning and it's amazing how you seamlessly blend the line between what's real and what's fantasy. How did you first come up with the concept for Unrealistic Scenes?
I've been reading and watching science fiction stories since I was very little, so the idea is something that has always been with me. I had seen sci-fi scenes in various art communities, always beautiful paintings or 3D art, but I had never seen any that combined photography, scenes from our very real world, with the constructed fantastical elements. So I thought, why not try it?

Which shot is your favorite in the series? Why?
Every new piece I make is my favourite once I've finished it! Each one is more complex than the previous, even if it may look a bit more simple, and because of that, I feel a bit more accomplished and proud after each one.

What was the single most challenging aspect of creating these images?
Selecting the correct photos to blend together to get the result that I want. That is definitely the most time consuming part.

One can't help but feel a sense of wonder and a sort of child-like excitement about our fantastic world when viewing your series. Was that your intention?
Yes, but also to give one the idea of what it may be like to stand on an alien world, and pique that sense of wonder as well. To drive people to explore, imagine what else is out there. There is nearly infinite beauty on our world alone…this project aims to capture as much of that as possible, and to simultaneously imagine what might else be out there.

What's next for you?
I'm putting together another composite series similar to these, but with a slightly different edge. It's almost ready for show. Check out the first installment, “Above the Sea of Mist,” on my website for a preview.

Nathan Spotts' Website
via [Behance]

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