Surgeon Uses Apple Vision Pro as a Visual Assist During Shoulder Surgery in Brazil

Brazilian surgeon, Bruno Gobbato used Apple Vision Pro to assist in surgery operation
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The Apple Vision is widely considered one of the biggest tech releases of the last few years. This innovative headset provides a pristine, real-time depiction of the surrounding environment while allowing the user to launch apps as floating screens around them. Many have tried it in different places, like on a plane, on the subway, and now in an operating room. Brazilian surgeon Dr. Bruno B. Gobbato recently shared his experience using this device during a surgery, showing its possibilities beyond leisure and entertainment.

Dr. Gobbato is an orthopedist and traumatologist who specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery. The procedure took place at the Jaraguá Hospital, a city located in southern Brazil. There, the specialist performed surgery to fix a shoulder tendons injury using the arthroscopy technique—and his Apple Vision Pro.

This arthroscopy method involves inserting a camera into the joint, allowing the surgeon to operate without the need to completely cut the shoulder open. The camera was then connected to Apple Vision Pro, giving the doctor the possibility to follow a feed of a magnified view of the procedure on a large screen with ultra-high resolution. Next to this screen, he also had a 3D model of a shoulder pop up within his field of vision, as well as patient reports in the Notes app.

Gobbato's main concern was how the Apple Vision Pro camera would process the images in real-time given that there was not enough lighting in the operating room. While Apple claims that the see-through latency of the Vision pro is 12ms, which is extremely low, they've also warned that using the device in low light conditions may increase the risk of collision with objects in the vicinity. The company also advises against using it around sharp objects and any other situations requiring attention to safety. However, Dr. Gobbato, a medical professional, has praised the device, especially for its convenience.

Though this is an incredible occurrence, it is not the first time an Apple Vision Pro has been used in the operating room. In March, a team at Cromwell Hospital in London used the headset to repair a patient's spine. They used it for a similar purpose—superimposing virtual screens and having key information at hand. “It eliminates human error. It eliminates the guesswork,” Suvi Verho, lead scrub nurse at London Independent Hospital, told the Daily Mail. “It gives you confidence in surgery.”

The Vision Pro also allowed Gobbato to record the surgery from his point of view, which you can watch above—please keep in mind that it is video footage of a surgery, so viewer discretion is advised.

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