Taiwan’s Floating Garden

Is this not one of the most beautifully interesting structures you've ever seen? The Taiwan Tower International Competition has selected its first place winner, Tokyo-based architect Sou Fujimoto. Fujimoto's proposal hopes to be a model for green architecture and inspire future generations. Entitled The Oasis, it will be built at the Taichung Gateway Park and strives to be an iconic building for Taiwan.

The design features two basic parts. The underlying structure and frame were inspired by the native Taiwanese Banyan Tree and creates a semi-outdoor space that provides shade and supports the rooftop garden that floats nearly 1000-ft above the ground. The steel construction will feature a multitude of 3-ft round layered columns that help to support the building in case of high winds, earthquake or other natural disasters. The reason Fujimoto's design is so eco-friendly is because of their incorporation of “a green roof, rainwater harvesting, solar hot water panels, wind turbine, photovoltaic cells, ground source heat pump, desiccant air-handling unit and natural ventilations by Solar Stack Effect.”

Spiral beams rise from the ground up to the rooftop garden supporting both the garden and the overall structure to prevent it from, literally, buckling in on itself. This is achieved by having the spiral beams ride between the two layers of vertical and leaning columns. The tower is not meant to have an obvious form and should give an illusion of having a garden float above the city. The Taiwan Tower is also meant to be ever-changing and represents the natural grace found in nature.

Sou Fujimoto Architect's website
via [Archdaily]

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