Take That, Starbucks! Brooklyn Fare’s Creative Packaging

Looks like someone is taking cheap shots at Starbucks. Well, I like it! When gourmet store Brooklyn Fare decided they needed a branding strategy, they asked Mucca Design to come up everything from their packaging design, custom typeface, and copywriting to their interior signage and t-shirts. Only four colors were used through it all.

Here's Mucca Design on this project: Getting to know our neighbors – strategically speaking Our goal was to position this smaller, neighborhood store to be able to compete with the national grocery giants. Considering the recent surge in development in the area, we wanted to establish the business as the go-to local store for incoming residents of upscale condos and nearby brownstones; consumers who want healthy and environmentally-friendly goods at a fair price. We developed a name that would convey our client's vision of a neighborhood market that evokes the borough's rich history: Brooklyn Fare. Next, we created a branding strategy that would give the store a unique voice, garnering attention and setting it apart from its competitors. The voice came through in a literal manner with text as the focus of the brand rather than imagery. We used our most excellent copywriting skills to achieve the right tone; one with the edgy humor that New Yorkers welcome. A colloquial brand calls for the creation of a personable typeface Because the brand is based on copy meant to engage the customer, the proprietary typeface we created, Fare Serif, needed to echo that same playful tone. It is friendly and accessible and meant to be used BIG. We applied it to everything, and we mean everything, in the store. We love how the packaging is edgy and funny. Thanks, Mucca, for giving us an inside look on your creative process. Via Eat Me Daily

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