Find Inner Peace by Creating Your Very Own Japanese Zen Garden


Photo source: Martin Bond

Architecture studio Talmon Biran has designed an award-winning garden that viewers can playfully rearrange. “AROUND ABOUT is a ‘dry landscape’ installation inspired from the concept of Japanese Zen gardens,” Talmon Biran told Contemporist. “A set of large roundabouts is to be placed inside a field of gravel. These roundabouts, whose design is inspired from agricultural machinery, include tines below their bottom beam which rakes the gravel in circular patterns as the roundabout spins.” Using these rake-inspired tools, participants can essentially play around inside a life-size, modern Zen garden.

As visitors walk away from the interactive exhibit, their footprints contribute to the installation's makeup by disturbing the gravel's orderly patterns. Then, when someone else takes a turn at using the roundabouts, the garden returns to its natural state. “The proposal acts on the tension between order and disorder,” the design firm explains. “The entire garden works in harmony, as a mechanism whose components are in precise proportion and relation to one another.”

To see these beautiful patterns in action, you can visit Quebec's International Garden Festival until September 27, 2015.


Photo source: Martin Bond


Photo source: Louise Tanguary


Photo source: Louise Tanguary


Photo source: Talmon Biran


Photo credit: Talmon Biran


Photo source: Martin Bond


Photo source: Martin Bond


Photo source: Louise Tanguary

Talmon Biran: Website | Facebook 
International Garden Festival: Website | Facebook
via [Contemporist]

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