‘Tequila Train’ Offers Luxury All-You-Can-Drink Experience on an 11-Hour Train Ride

Tequila Train Drinks

Are sweet dreams made of tequila? Come aboard the Jose Cuervo Express, a liquored up locomotive that has turned a dream into a reality for fellow tequila sippers. The Tequila Train (as it's colloquially called) chugs along through the Mexican countryside and offers a new luxury experience, complete with all-you-can-drink tequila. After a pandemic pause, you can get back on track with this elevated express ride from Guadalajara to the community of Tequila, Mexico. You can sip, or throw back shots, to your heart’s content thanks to the Jose Cuervo Express.

Jose Cuervo is a fitting operator for the Tequila Train as the fame liquor's brand name has become nearly synonymous with tequila. In 1758, King Ferninand VI of Spain passed on land to Jose Antonio de Vuervo y Valdes to grow agave. Fast forward 37 years, and his son, Jose Maria Guadalipe de Cuervo, received the first official charter to produce tequila commercially and began to sell the very first Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo. Now, the Mexican liquor has its own train to not only celebrate its drinks, but to also invite people to experience the beauty of tequila's motherland.

The black and gold trimmed train travels in style from the city of Guadalajara through the Mexican countryside, to the town of Tequila, designated as Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism. The 11-hour trip is just as magical as the final destination itself. You have the option to ride in an elegant wood-paneled car with 37 passenger spaces, known as the “Elite Wagon” for an “Elite Experience.” The luxurious car provides breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows. This car also gives you access to two plush lounge areas and an exceptional open bar stocked with Reserva de la Familia, Maestro Dobel, and Gran Centenario 1800. And if it's too much tequila for you, rest assured that you have other options: rum, vodka, whiskey, and a new line of cocktails.

Tequila Train Jose Cuervo Express

Beyond the liquor, you’ll get a taste of Mexico with delicious treats and regional snacks. There will also be entertainment onboard, such as Lotería Mexican Bingo. All along the journey, a sommelier of tequila will guide you through a three-glass tasting accompanied by more educational context to the tequila, so that you have a better appreciation of what you are sipping on. If you’re still not indulged, you can walk through agave fields and visit Latin America’s oldest distillery, Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña, assuming weather permits.

The Jose Cuervo Express offers two itineraries. The first, is the “sunrise” experience. It departs Guadalajara at 9 a.m. for a two-hour train ride through 40 miles of agave fields to the magical town of Tequila. After detraining in Tequila, you will tour the Cuervo production facilities, eat lunch while watching a Mexican show, and end the afternoon with a demonstration of agave harvesting. If you find that you are not much of a day drinker, the “sunset” experience might you suit you better. For this option, the tour begins at the Cuervo bottling plant and you can watch the demonstration of agave harvesting followed by lunch and a show. You'll wind down with a two-hour train ride and onboard tequila cocktails, with the train arriving back in Guadalajara at 8 p.m.

The entire Elite experience is priced at $166 per person. There are also other service experiences available starting at $114 per person. All in all, this experience includes an open bar for your tequila mixed drinks (minus the Reserva de la Familia selections), regional snacks, a tequila expert to guide you through an educational tasting, a visit to the agave fields, and a game of Lotería Mexican Bingo. Bottoms up!

You can book your Elite Experience on the Jose Cuervo Express.

Hop aboard the “Tequila Train” for an 11-hour ride in an elegant black and gold-trimmed train, from the city of Guadalajara through the Mexican countryside to the town of Tequila.

Tequila Train Jose Cuervo Express

This experience operated by Jose Cuervo Express includes an open bar for your tequila mixed drinks, regional snacks, a tequila expert to guide you through an educational tasting, a visit to the agave fields, and a game of Lotería Mexican Bingo.

Tequila Train Jose Cuervo Express

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