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Beautifully Abstract Reflections Ripple Along the Surface of Water

Artist Teri Malo paints beautifully contemplative reflections rippling along the surface of water. Her series of Pondscapes includes gorgeous, abstract creations in which she focuses on light, shadow, texture, and color to create a sensation of being consumed by a surrounding natural world.

Some of her works feature impressionist styles reminiscent of those found in paintings like Claude Monet's Water Lilies. Malo paints on panel rather than canvas in order to control the details of her paint strokes, mixing the oils together with transparent glaze to build up layers of movement across the surface.

Mirrored reflections of leaves, trees, and even the sky blend into the water and blur the lines between land and pond. “Separate from the harried pace of life, the paintings encourage you to stop, to observe the ephemeral transit of a floating leaf, or the subtle shifting of colors between seasons,” explains Malo. “Because much of the ‘real' world can only be seen as an upside down reflection, you are additionally confronted with a puzzle, piecing together from clues the nature of the environment surrounding the pond. The paintings are a mechanism for diverting your attention toward a both familiar and unfamiliar world. They provide a view across, down, under, and up.”

Teri Malo's website
via [Faith is Torment]

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