Whisked Away Into a Magical Fairy Tale

Florida-based photographer Terra Kate first grabbed our attention with her dreamy conceptual work, last year. Since then, she has produced new images to add to her collection of surreally-driven aesthetics. Each photo presents a hazy realm filled with magical elements, allowing subjects to levitate in a sparkling mist of air and water or simply dwell in their fairy tale-inspired dark dream.

These surreal and airy scenes that Kate creates appear as though we're seeing them through eyelids half-open. Whether it's wispy puffs of smoke filtering the frame or a muted wash of color glazing over each image, there is the sense of being lost in a dream. There also seem to be underlying themes of freewill expressed in the form of carefree levitation and characters throwing themselves off ledges, with reckless abandon.

Alternatively, there is also a presence of conscious possession as reflected by stationary subjects contemplatively looking into the distance. We see it in the Hamlet-like man, clutching his accompanying prop skull and the young woman hovering an apple just above her grasping hand. These images make one wonder if the subjects are simply wandering aimlessly in a dreamy world or if they're trapped, looking to make sense of their state of being in this confusing environment.

Update: At the request of the photographer, the photos have been removed from this post. Please find her work on her website.

Terra Kate website
Terra Kate on Flickr

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