Stellar Posters Celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011

Atomise (John Dalton)

How does a graphic designer/illustrator go about celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011), as designated by UNESCO? Well, if you're Simon C. Page, you create a set of posters that highlights the achievements of some of the greatest scientists that have ever lived. From Albert Einstein's atomic theory of matter to Marie Curie's pioneering work on radioactivity, these posters are a way for us to appreciate and remember the immense contributions these scientists have made.

Ions (Lorenzo Avogadro)

Matter (Albert Einstein)

Atom (Ernest Rutherford)

H20 (Henry Cavendish)

Emission (Marie Curie)

Substance (Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier)

Elements (Dmitri Mendeleev)

Simon C. Page's website

Thanks for the tip, Sarah B!

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