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"Tiko" Simplifies 3D Printing With a Sleek, Single Frame Design

Tiko is a new kind of 3D printer that wants to make the process easy and accessible for the consumer. With a deceptively-simple design and a low cost to own, even more people can use this innovative technology.

Tiko is designed as a unibody form, meaning it has a single frame rather than multiple parts. There’s less to assemble and less to potentially damage. This also encloses the print chamber, and so things in production are isolated from the outside environment, like the wind. It even has a mechanism to shutdown the printer if the chamber is disturbed. Three sets of arms move in unison to control the print head, and once your object is done, Tiko has made it easy to remove. It has a flexible print bed that you simply lift and twist to pop off your creation.

For designing your idea, Tiko has an easy-to-use browser-based software. It’s also wireless with the ability to print almost anywhere, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi. Interested in owning one? Right now, Tiko is fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign where they’re available for $179.

Tiko 3D website
via [Laughing Squid]

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