More Incredible Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

British artistic duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who are well-known for their incredible light and shadow sculptures, have expanded their remarkable collection of said creations and we couldn't resist sharing them with you. Using scraps of wood and seemingly discarded materials, the artists form abstract constructs that, left alone, look like a mess of mistakes or perhaps a work in progress. The true forms of their work are visualized on an adjacent wall with the help of a single spotlight.

Noble and Webster produce silhouetted self-portraits through carefully constructed mounds of rubbish and debris illuminated at one precise angle, transforming the abstract pieces into figurative composites. Each sculptural installation represents this duality of art and also references the duality of man. Things appear to be far more complex than what first meets the eye. Whether you first notice the figurative shadow or the abstract wood piles, there is always the other to view second as its other half.

As part of their solo exhibition titled Nihilistic Optimistic, six of the artists' large-scale works are currently on display at Blain|Southern Galleries in London Hanover Square through November 24, 2012.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster website
via [Colossal]

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