Adorable Portraits of People and Their Pets

Your Pet and You is an ongoing series by Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Tobias Lang that juxtaposes pictures of people with portraits of their precious pets. They say that pets tend to look like their owners and Lang's series shows us just how true that statement is. From the typical pets like cats and dogs to the more exotic breeds of owned animals like snakes and owls, the photographer's images offer a diverse selection of subjects accompanied by their human counterparts. The dual subjects within each composed frame complement each other, almost echoing each other's exact mood and personality.

Lang first embarked on his adorable pet project while at home with his roommate's cat who took a liking to a wooden block in their living room. Upon snapping a shot of the feline and his roommate, he found other friends who, too, wanted portraits taken of their pets on this rustic block of wood. Eventually, the project evolved into something far more emotional by turning the camera on their owners and placing their images side by side. The lovely series exhibits an adorable look at the bond between people and their beloved animals.

The photographer's growing collection of portraits is intended to be turned into a book at some point. Lang is currently seeking more subjects to photograph to offer even more diversity. In particular, he's interested in people who own any of the following: chicken, goose, parrot, otter, meerkat, piglet, hare, hamster, frog, snail, reptiles. If you're a proud pet owner that's interested in being part of Lang's project, he suggests contacting him via email or through the project's Facebook page.

Tobias Lang website
Your Pet and You website
Your Pet and You on Facebook
via [Beautiful Life]

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