Incredibly Close Details of Creatures Below the Sea

Along with his beautiful glowing portraits of a bobtail squid, underwater photographer Todd Bretl has been hard at work documenting the amazing world that exists below the surface of the sea. His extensive collection of up-close and personal portraits will have everyone quickly falling in love with a wide variety of aquatic creatures.

From sharks and marine mammals to critters, and corals, Bretl is not afraid to get right in there and swim alongside the rare and stunning animals. As a result of his adventurous spirit, he is able to capture the playful essence of daily activities that generally take place in an underwater world. Bretl captures such incredible details in crystal clear waters that viewers will feel like they are nose to nose with a toothy, grinning shark or staring into the glowing orange eyes of a rare little fish.

Todd Bretl's website
via [2Photo]

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