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Artist Partners with 60,000 Bees to Form Splendid Teapot Sculpture

Experimental artist Tomas Libertiny joined forces with 60,000 bees to create this splendid wax-and-metal teapot sculpture. With sunlight filtering through the cheerful yellow wax, the sculpture looks like an invitation to enjoy nature's bounty.

As creative director of the process, the Rotterbam-based artist collaborated with Dutch beekeepers to guide the meticulous insects into filling the metal frame with perfect hexagons of beeswax. Libertiny noted that his job was to “direct [them] to create a fragile and valuable object – like a pearl. This takes time, and time creates value.”

The sculpture was commissioned by a high-end French silver manufacturer as part of a unique advertising campaign. Whether representing a company or standing alone as a beautiful sculpture, the teapot is the perfect blend of manmade art and nature's wonders.

Tomas Libertiny's website
via [Inhabitat, Dezeen]

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