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Test Your Pop Culture Knowledge: Robots A to Z

Tony Bui makes learning fun with this poster that is entitled with a playful pun: The Alphabot. Using his favorite robots from video games, 80s and 90s cartoons, and film, Bui created this 18×24 illustration that features colorful and playful mechanical subjects. The artist says, “My dream is to work in tv/film animation. Every character I draw is a friend that I enjoy bringing to life.”

Unlike your usual alphabet poster in which the characters are shaped in the form of the letters, Bui challenged his viewers to identify a variety of nostalgic robots. The main clue is that each robot's name begins with each corresponding letter. So, not only does the poster provide some some basic alphabetic facts, but you also get to know some classic retro characters. “A” is for Alpha 5, “B” is for Bill and Ted Good Robots, “C” is for C3P0, “D” is for Daft Punk, “E” is for ED-209, “F” is for Fembot, and so on. Bui seems to have a great sense of humor and states, “If you have students or children that don't know these particular robots, I will gladly visit you and reenact key scenes from television, film and video games.”

Tony Bui's website
via [Tony Bui Fan Club]

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