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Dad of Triplets Has Ingenious Solution For Steering 3 Strollers at Once

Triplet babies like Jordan Flom's

Photo: Pirotehnik/Depositphotos

Being a new parent is hard, but being a parent to triplet infants is a feat. One triplets dad seems to be juggling his multiple bundles of joy with ease though. Thanks to his ingenuity, super dad Jordan Flom has found a way maneuver three separate strollers into Target by himself.

How did he pull it off? Flom assembled his three musketeers into a V formation with the help of a homemade wooden frame attached to the strollers' handles. The determined dad even made sure to articulate the frame, allowing him to steer the lead stroller separately from the two that are carabiner-ed together. This way he can navigate tight corners without taking up the entire aisle. Best of all, he has full views of each rosy-cheeked face and they can all see dad to assuage any anxiety.

The expert tri-stroller maneuvering is captured in a YouTube video. Though it’s shot as if a woman just happened to spot Flom while sitting in her parked car, it turns out that the woman is actually mom Rachel Flom. Like her partner, she also posts content about their triplet sons and toddler daughter to social media. While her awe may have been pre-meditated, another passerby is also impressed.

Flom seems to draw onlookers any time he goes shopping with his sons. In another video, he demonstrates how to turn a Home Depot lumber cart into a giant stroller/baby swing for his boys.

Despite the silly fun they’re having, the Floms have likely helped out some future parents of multiples. The rate of multiple births has been steadily increasing since the 1980s due to older mothers and increased fertility treatments. If only Flom could come up with a DIY to guarantee all three babies sleep through the night.

Jordan Flom makes shopping with triplets a breeze thanks to his own handiwork.


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