Husky Rescue Goes from Frightened Pup to Model Muse for Photographer

When photographer, artist, and filmmaker Troy Moth followed his heart, moving back to his birthplace of Vancouver Island and leaving behind a hot career as a fashion photographer in Toronto, he didn't do so alone. His trusty companion Nikita, a rescue dog, was by his side.

Since adopting the pup four years ago, Nikita has grown from a frightful dog cowering in her urine-covered crate to an adventurous creature living her best life. And while the transformation from who Nikita was to who she is today was not easy, it's had a profound impact on her owner's life. So much so that she has a starring role as muse in many of his photographs.

During her first few days with Moth, she would cower in fear every time he approached and it took months to build trust between the rescue dog and her new owner. It was seeing this fear in the beginning that made Moth vow never to place her in a crate again, and since that time they've traveled across North America together in search of adventure.

“She has taught me more about the simple joys in life, which really are the most important,” Moth writes us via email. “To this day, watching her run free in the forest, jumping off rocks or walking across fallen logs warms my heart more than anything.”

As she gradually opened up to new people and experiences, she's become bolder, tracking deer in the woods and tussling with a skunk—which was all fun until it sprayed her. She's made canine friends and has gotten a chance to speed across a frozen lake, running free in a way that wasn't possible before she landed in Moth's life.

Nikita's story is just one more reason to consider adoption if you are looking for a pet. As Moth reminds us, “your best bud may already exist and is waiting for some adventure.”

Since adopting Nikita four years ago, photographer Troy Moth has seen her transform from a frightened pup into an adventurous dog.

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She's become a muse of sorts, with Moth documenting his adventures with the rescue dog on Instagram.

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Now her life is full of adventure, from trekking through rivers and running across frozen lakes, to playing with friends.

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Troy Moth: Website | FacebookInstagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Troy Moth.

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Jessica Stewart

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