Antique TV Set Converted into an Aquarium

If you've ever felt like there's nothing good to watch on TV and you happen to have an antiquated TV set, built like a giant brick, you might be interested in a crafty and doable project that would turn the old box into a vintage-style aquarium. Thanks to a series of instructions edited and refined by wikiHow users, just about anyone can repurpose their obsolete technology into a lovely new environment for their pet fish.

There's a surreal appeal to the recycled, clunky device fitted with a fish tank. In fact, the older your TV set model, the more surreal it may look. You even have a unique opportunity to turn a black and white TV into a color aquarium! Head over to wikiHow for a complete list of instructions and supplies needed to create your own properly functioning TV set aquarium.

via [Izismile, wikiHow]

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