26 Useful Websites That Will Completely Change Your Life for the Better

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Want to improve how you write? Hemingway is an online editor that allows you to input text and see how it can be improved. From readability to eliminating the passive tense, it's an easy way to elevate your writing.


cool website


Generate color schemes for your next creative project. Coolors also allows you to adjust the schemes by hue and temperature or upload your favorite photo and the website will pull out the colors.


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Is It Dark Outside?

Can't get to a window to look outside? Just click here.


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Get ready to tune your guitar or piano. Plug in any YouTube video and this nifty website will spit out quite accurate chords for the guitar, ukelele, and piano.


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Like Snapchat for your desktop, Privnote lets you send a note to someone that will disappear after it's been read.


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Actual Size of an Inch

That's right, now you can actually use your computer to measure things with a good old fashioned ruler.


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Random Name Generator

Need to come up with a name for the heroine in your next award winning novel? Or aren't sure what to name your new puppy? The Random Name Generator has you covered. You can even narrow down the options by nationality or theme.


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Have I Been Pwned?

Aren't sure if your email address has been comprised in a data breach? Just search here and the website will let you know if you might want to think about changing your password.


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Which Book?

Looking for a new book to read? Click off different filters—funny or sad, conventional or unusual—and the website will spit out suggestions tailored to you.

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Radio Garden

Get a taste of music around the world with Radio Garden. The website pulls up live streaming radio stations around the world. Just click anywhere on the globe and listen to what's on air.

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Are those eggs still good? Now you don't have to guess. Just type in any food—meat, poultry, fruit, cheese—and StillTasty will show how long it should last in the refrigerator and freezer, as well as tips for maintaining freshness.

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Muscle Wiki

Click on any part of the body and MuscleWiki pulls up a list of exercise or stretches—complete with GIF demonstrations—to help you work those muscles.

cool websites

The Magic iPod

Make the ultimate music mash-up from your favorites songs from the 2000s. It really does work like magic and you can even download your favorites.


h/t: [Buzzfeed]

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