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Meditative Moments Found Within Dramatic Landscapes

White Silence is a captivating series of black and white images by award-winning fine art photographer Vassilis Tangoulis. Each dramatic image conveys a peaceful moment of silence within a rural landscape. The Greece-based photographer uses neutral density filters to capture the dramatic depth within his visually striking photographs.

The crisp elegance of the untouched snow allows viewers to escape into the quiet scenes and reflect upon the surroundings. Through his meditative moments, Tangoulis provides an instant when viewers can find themselves in harmony with nature. According to his bio, “His photographic vision is better described as capturing the time in a world where ‘present' is only an infinitesimal part of time, a fleeting illusion dividing almost infinite past and future.”

Vassilis Tangoulis' website
via [Vassilis Tangoulis on Behance]

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