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Automatic Planter Waters, Lights, and Grows Herbs on Its Own

For those who want to grow fresh herbs but lack a green thumb, the Verdure automatic planter is a fantastic solution to this common dilemma. This self-planting pot takes the guesswork out of raising plants as you simply add the seeds and watch them grow. Designed by student Seoyeonjin Choi, her inspiration came from the increasing number of people who want to eat healthier, and the observation that herbs play a large role when cooking fresh food.

The Verdure has a multi-level system for cultivating herbs. To begin, pour water in the planter’s reservoir and insert the seeds into the soil sponge. A battery-powered Halogen lamp sits below, with lighting powerful enough for photosynthesis. It shines onto a reflector that evenly multiplies the light onto all of the seedlings. As the fresh herbs start growing downward, you can harvest them at any time. Choi has even thought about this end stage–the Verdure comes with a small collector basin and scissors, so you can easily cut the leaves when you’re ready to cook with them.

Seoyeonjin Choi: Behance
via [Yanko Design]

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