Metal Artist Reimagines VW’s Iconic “Hippie Van” as Charming Wood Burning Grill

Hippie Van Grill

The Volkswagen Type 2 (also known as a “Hippie Van”) forever rests in pop culture as a symbol of “peace and togetherness.” Quite likely due to its history with summer gatherings, flowers, and feelings of love, the sheer nostalgia of the vehicle continues to contribute to its endearing nature. From its quirky but reliable frame and structure to its ability to bring and keep people together, it’s of no surprise that it's also a favored muse. It inspired the album covers of late greats, such as Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys while maintaining a loyal usage from The Grateful Dead.

This whimsically styled vehicle has also served as inspiration for UK-based metal fabricator Danny Lyons of Trash Metal Fabrications. The artist has cleverly turned the iconic van's symbolic “feelings of love and warmth” into a physical structure that actually brings warmth—meet the VW camper van-shaped wood burner. Lyons has resourcefully put together charming replicas as small wood-burning grills.

Volkswagen Type 2 Grills By Danny Lyons

By using recycled materials, and some delightful ingenuity, the details that Lyons utilizes in his grill designs, are sure to delight the most avid of fans. Just like a real Volkswagen Type 2, Lyons’ grills include the iconic VW symbol, split front windows, and identical rearview mirrors. He also uses a variation of license plate titles that continues the tradition of charm associated with the vehicle. Some of Lyons' creations include the striking and memorable two-tone paint job, just like the real van.

These hand-crafted grills are small, thus reducing any reluctant users from feeling overwhelmed by fire management. Its size also allows for the optimization of space and contributes to a “cozy” environment. Lyons' designs ensure that the legacy of the Volkswagen Type 2, of encouraging “togetherness,” continues. Lyons also takes commissions, accepting both bespoke one-offs in addition to these campers.

Danny Lyons of Trash Metal Fabrications has turned the classic Volkswagen “Hippie Van” into a whimsical wood burner.

Volkswagen Type 2 Grill By Danny Lyons Volkswagen Camper Van Wood Burner

Here's the wood burner in action:


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This clever designer has also transformed other beloved designs and pop culture characters into functional wood burners.

Dalek Grill By Danny Lyons

Dalek Wood Burner

TIE Fighter Grill By Danny Lyons

TIE Fighter Wood Burner


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A post shared by Danny Lyons 🎨🔨🔩🔧 (@trash_metal_fabrications) on

Minion Grill By Danny Lyons

Minion Wood Burner

Pop Culture Grills By Danny Lyons

Minion, R2-D2, and VW Camper Van Wood Burners

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Danny Lyons.

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