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Wedding Dress Made of Colorful Thorns

Born in France but currently residing in Japan, Emmanuelle Moureaux is an award-winning architect as well as professor at Tokyo University. Because most of her time is consumed pleasing her clients and meeting their requests, she has little time to explore her creative side. Therefore, she uses design events to experiment with different architecture and design concepts. Her wedding dress “Toge,” which was a part of Design Tide Tokyo this year, is an example of such a piece.

Toge, which is Japanese for thorn, is a wedding dress but it’s certainly not an ordinary one! Its fifteen colors are vibrant and wild, much more similar to a rainbow than to a traditional white wedding dress. But that’s not the only thing that makes Toge unique. The piece is composed of 500 painted metal spheres with protruding needles made of piano wire. These spheres were created to be assembled freely, therefore, they can be used to fulfill your very own art fantasies with vibrant and wild sculptures.

Moureaux’s inspiration for her thorn spheres was a blend of the colorful carbon-based branches that she put on display last year and a recent dandelion wall-decal she had worked on. The combination of bright colors and balls that look like dandelion seed petals truly gives this dress a fairy-tale feel.

Moureax is very excited about Toge and believes that it is only the beginning. We’ll all have to wait for next year’s show to see what Moureax has in store for us next!

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