Mechanical Engineer Finds His Creative Side While Capturing His Two Kids

“My day job is critical thinking where photography helps me break away from that and do some creative thinking. I personally view photography as a way of rounding myself out.” By day, Wes Armson is a mechanical engineer who works in project management at Alberta's oil and gas industry. At night, however, Wes picks up his camera and becomes a children's photographer. Why did he decide to go into this type of photography? As he told Photography Blogger, “When my sons were born my heart was fuller than I ever could have imaged. When they first smiled, had a little laugh, or had a sneeze the moment was so precious. I'd sometimes close my eyes and mentally try to store away the moment and the feeling of tremendous joy. The thing that I most enjoy about photographing my own children is that the photos help me remember those moments and those feelings.

“The thing that I like most about photographing the children of others is being there to witness them in those moments I've had myself. Everything and everyday is so new and exciting.”

The father of two sons, a 2-year-old named Skyler and a 4-month-old named Maddox, Wes loves capturing their everyday moments, but he does so in a methodical way. His day job is where his planning mentality comes from. These sweet photos have his two sons wearing some adorable outfits like Maddox in a superhero costume (as seen above).

“Photography is about the important moments: celebration, promise, love, growth,” he said. “My camera helps my mind keep some of the most important things in focus, which will hopefully help me be a better father, husband, son, neighbor and friend. When my camera is on my neck my whole outlook is different because my eyes and my brain are looking for beauty and blessing which are everywhere.”

Wes Armson's website and Facebook page

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