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Twisting Dump Truck Inspired by Gothic Architecture

Twisted Dump Truck is an aptly titled sculpture by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye that depicts exactly what you'd think with a Gothic aesthetic. The nickeled, laser-cut stainless steel structure is an intricately detailed piece that is as much a representation of a truck as it is a cathedral. The architectural influence is undeniable, making for an intriguing amalgamation.

The scaled model (1:5) presents an almost cartoonish display of a sophisticated design gone awry. Like a derailed train, mid-derailment, the animated composition features an exaggeration of twisting and turning. This visual of a giant vehicle, typically found on construction sites, complements the delicate intricacies involved in Gothic architecture. There's something entirely eye-catching and bewildering about the piece that allows the viewer to appreciate the details and question its intention.

Wim Delvoye website
via [Art Ruby, Galerie Perrotin]

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