15+ Culturally Unique Christmas Dinners From Like Around the World

What Christmas Dinner Looks Like Around the World (continued)


typical Christmas meal

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In Venezuela, hallacas are the go-to dish during the Christmas season. Similar to a tamale, it's a corn-stuffed dough filled with meat or seafood, depending on the region. Also on the table is pan de jamón, a bread roll filled with ham, fried bacon, raisins and green olives.


New Zealand

It's only fitting that New Zealander's fire up the barbeque during the holidays, grilling a wide array of goodies and then ending their holiday meal with the meringue-based treat, Pavlova.



traditional Christmas dinner

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Norway's Christmas traditions stretch back to the Vikings, and their holiday meal still shows traces of these origins. “For example, we have a strange thing where we place cod in lye so it becomes jelly-like and then we rinse it, like, 20 times before serving it with melted butter and bacon,” shares gabsfever. “We also eat dried cooked lamb head, and dried lamb rib that's been boiled with sticks for eight or more hours.”



traditional Christmas dinner

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Lanttulaatikko, or rutabaga casserole, is a staple of the Finnish Christmas table. It's made by boiling and mashing rutabaga and mixing in bread crumbs, treacle, egg, and a variety of seasonal spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Once baked in the oven, it becomes a favorite side dish to accompany ham or fish.


United Kingdom

The traditional Christmas roast in the UK—either turkey, goose, or chicken—is accompanied by myriad sides. From Brussel sprouts to bacon wrapped sausage and roast carrots, everything is topped with savory gravy.



As part of the traditional Christmas Eve meal in Poland, a clear borscht (beetroot stew) is prepared with mushroom-filled dumplings called uszka. It's one of just 12 plates that comprise the December 24 menu, none of which contain meat.



typical Christmas meal

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In the Philippines, feasting comes at the stroke of midnight according to willievergettoseeyou, “in the Philippines, Noche Buena, the mother of Christmas meals, usually starts at 12 am Christmas Day. Yes, we stay up all Christmas Eve so we can feast come midnight.” The star of the table is the Fiesta ham served with rice and Pinoy-style spaghetti.


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