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Can You Guess These Famous Rainbows and Clouds?

London-based design and art director Yoni Alter recently created a few new posters that are sure to put a smile on your face. Adding to his collection of famous “things” like Cartoon Characters in the Dark and Cars' Eyes, he's made Famous Rainbows and Famous Clouds.

“I'm obsessed with popular culture icons and the way they are burned into our consciousness,” Alter told us when we asked him what sparked the idea for these designs. “Also, I was always collecting things.

“A week after making Famous Clouds, I came up with the idea for a print featuring famous multi-coloured objects. I like the idea of showing different items where only their appearances make them relevant to each other. It's the opposite of Famous Clouds where all items represent the same thing but their appearances are completely different.

“I didn't include a rainbow since it is not a popular culture icon.

“Once I finished it I showed it to a friend who brought to my attention the fact that my previous print featured clouds and this one features rainbows and that's how I got the idea for the print's title. A total coincidence.”

Now ready for a challenge? Try and guess them all before you look at the key (towards the bottom).


Famous Rainbows

Famous Clouds

Famous Rainbows: Lollipop, NBC, Slinky, beach ball, gay pride flag, Rubik's cube, Apple
Famous Clouds: iCloud, Simpsons opening sequence, BBC weather, Soundcloud, Mario, Snoopy, Flintstones, Toy Story.

You can buy these posters and more over at Society6.

Yoni Alter's website

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