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Redditor Transforms Random People’s Photos into Exciting Movie Posters

Photoshop is an undoubtedly powerful tool of digital transformation, as Redditor Your_Post_As_A_Movie demonstrates in their ongoing project. For the past two years, the Internet denizen has taken random photographs and turned them into movie posters for films you’d want to see. Using a variety of filters and clever manipulation techniques, ordinary images are “moviefied” and made to look more dramatic with a title, tagline, and list of actors/actresses in starring roles.

To find source material, Your_Post_As_A_Movie scours different subreddits for potential images. Sprawling landscapes, furry animals, and even a melting ice cream cone are all fair game. No matter the subject, the photographs are always crafted into a compelling package, which shows the endless bounds of this Redditor’s imagination. The question then becomes: which poster would you want to see made into a real film?

Your_Post_As_A_Movie: Reddit
via [Bored Panda, Design You Trust]

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