Ancient Art

October 18, 2020

What Is the Rosetta Stone? Learn the History Behind This Legendary Ancient Artifact

Many people have heard of the Rosetta Stone, but few know the fascinating history of this Egyptian artifact. The large, slightly broken stone monument is the bedrock of modern knowledge of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Read on to discover the origins, history, and mystery of the engraved rock which came to be known as the Rosetta Stone.   What is the Rosetta Stone? The artifact known as the Rosetta Stone is a thick slab of granodiorite rock.

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January 13, 2020

6 Incredible Facts About the Prehistoric Altamira Cave Paintings

When we think of what life must have been like in prehistoric times, we don't often leave much space to consider the art these people may have left behind. In reality, even 30,000 years ago, populations of people were producing what was—at the time—sophisticated works of art as a means of expression. Nothing exemplifies this more than the cave paintings at Altamira.

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August 23, 2019

How Caryatids Have Beautifully Blended Sculpture and Architecture Since Ancient Times

When you think of marble statues, what comes to mind? You most likely imagine sculptures of freestanding figures, like the Venus de Milo and David. In addition to these decorative works of art, however, some marble creations are functional, like the ancient caryatid. Part figurative female sculpture and part architectural element, the caryatid has helped creatively carry the weight of buildings for thousands of years.

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