January 20, 2019

11 Easy Acrylic Painting Techniques for Artists of All Levels

Whether you are new to acrylics or have been painting with them for some time, there are always new techniques to learn. By expanding your knowledge of acrylic painting techniques, it’s possible to work creatively with unparalleled freedom. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try some new ways of working with paint. As you learn to paint with acrylics, you’ll slowly build up your repertoire of tricks to create any image you desire.

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December 18, 2018

15 Gift-Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Stand Out From the Rest

When it comes to presents, we all know it’s what’s inside that counts. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with what’s on the outside! Rather than covering your gifts with plain paper or stuffing them into simple gift bags, why not get creative with your wrapping? Here, we’ve put together some ideas to make gift-giving even more fun.

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