March 26, 2023

Dandelion-Like “Fairy” Robots Can Help Fill the Gap of Declining Pollinator Populations

The declining populations of pollinators across the globe are of great concern. As the backbone of fertilization and an important foundation of the ecosystem, scientists have come up with incredible solutions to preserve their lives. In Europe, bus stops have become pollinator pit stops. In Japan, tiny water shrines serve as bee respites. But what if pollinator populations are declining too much? A team of scientists from Tampere University in Finland has a possible solution.

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March 8, 2023

Meet the Woman Who Lived in a Tree for Two Years To Save It From Loggers

They say those who stand for nothing will fall for anything. Taking a stand for what you believe in forms a person and creates change that ripples across society. For environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill, the moment to take a stand came in December 1997. The then-23-year-old activist was road-tripping across California when she encountered a group of eco-warriors rotating through “tree sits” among Humboldt County's magnificent redwoods.

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January 1, 2023

This Japanese Train Ditched Conventional Fuel and Now Runs on Leftover Ramen Broth

The Amaterasu Railway is a tiny sightseeing train that takes visitors on a 30-minute ride and showcases some beautiful landmarks in the Miyazaki Prefecture. (A highlight includes Japan's highest train bridge, which stands 344 feet tall.) The train itself, however, has some quirky elements that make it a lovable sight in its own right, from its open roof and pink-colored cars to the fact that the conductors blow bubbles along the ride.

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