August 8, 2020

Photographer Captures Magical Sight of Fireflies Dancing in a Japanese Forest at Night

While cherry blossom season marks the beginning of spring in Japan, there’s an equally beautiful natural phenomenon that happens in the summer. Beginning in June, Hime-hotaru fireflies illuminate the forests in a breathtaking display that looks just like a star-studded night sky. Japanese photographer and CG artist Yutaka Kagaya (aka KAGAYA) recently captured this otherworldly occasion with a stunning photo of fireflies dancing around a field of hydrangeas at night.

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July 28, 2020

Photographer Captures Magical Sight of Brilliant Blue Butterflies Clustered on a Tree

Photographer Kelvin Hudson came across a magical sight that would typically be reserved for a fairytale. While in the forest, he captured an image of a tree partially cloaked with a cluster of blue morpho butterflies. A majority of the brilliant winged creatures gathered around the trunk of the tree while others spread out in small groups on surrounding branches. The resulting image is awe-inspiring.

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July 17, 2020

Rare “Mermaid Tail” Succulents Bring Sea-Inspired Magic to House Plants

Of all the varieties of plants in the world, succulents have to be one of the most playful. Their bulbous leaves often resemble something other than a plant. From hearts to rabbits to dolphins, succulents never cease to amaze us with how their buds can appear. If you’re someone who is a succulent superfan, you’ll want to add this “mermaid tail” variety to your plant family. Comprising a cactus-like paddle with some spikey (yet soft)

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July 2, 2020

“Plant Daddy” With Over 300 Indoor Plants Offers His Top Tip for Cultivating an Indoor Jungle

Do you fancy yourself as someone with a green thumb? If you take care of a few plants, you know how challenging they can be—each type of flora has a specific way that it likes to be cared for. Cyril Sontillano knows this all too well. While many people have a handful of indoor botanicals, this “Plant Daddy” has more than 200 different species of house plants.

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