October 8, 2017

Interview: Storm Chaser Travels the U.S. Capturing Severe Weather with His Fearless Dog

Texas based storm chaser Mike Mezeul II was the kind of kid that day dreamed about the clouds. Having now photographed storms for over a decade, the fascination has evolved into an awe-inspiring body of work that will leave you with an appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. Mike's foray into storm chasing started as a side project from his job in the advertising photography world.

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September 20, 2017

Underground Cave in Mexico Houses the World’s Largest Crystals

Mexico is a beautiful country boasting incredible landscapes, which not only includes a underwater river, but also a cave growing the world's largest crystals. Almost twenty years ago, miners stumbled upon an incredible discovery in Chihuahua, Mexico—a hidden underground cave that housed some of the largest natural crystals ever found. At a depth of 980 feet (300 meters) below ground, the Giant Crystal Cave—or Cave of Crystals—is an incredible feat of nature.

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August 26, 2017

30 Hummingbirds Gather in Bird Bath for a Mini Pool Party Ritual

Humans aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy pool parties. Bird baths also encourage these sorts of enthusiastic gatherings—splashing and all. Backyard nature store Wild Wings, which specializes in fountains and feed, captured this delightful video of a massive hummingbird bath. In less than a minute of footage, it shows 30 of the winged creatures enjoying the refreshing cool of bubbling water. As hummingbirds flutter into the scene, each has their own particular bathing style.

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